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Welcome to The Bug Genie 2.1
Published Fri Dec 13 00:09, by Admin (administrator)
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This is The Bug Genie 2, the official update to our popular bug tracking software. Version 2 features huge improvements over previous versions, but also works in a little different way than you may be used to ... This means that you may have to get used to a little different approach when using The Bug Genie.

The Bug Genie has been reworked, rewritten and rebuilt from scratch to make your development life easier. Several new features has been added to make The Bug Genie 2 the most powerful and versatile solution for software developers.

In addition to these features, The Bug Genie 2's now has a module-based architecture as well as our new B2DB PHP database ORM. This makes extending and improving the functionality in The Bug Genie 2 much easier than before.

The Bug Genie 2 comes with an extensive online help system, which makes using The Bug Genie easier than with it's predecessor. Online help links are included in several places, and will give you helpful tips & guides where you need them.

Highlights includes:

  • Improved user management with detailed access control
  • Improved search functionality with grouping support
  • Improved messaging functionality with folders and search
  • Improved issue reporting wizard with automated duplicate search
  • New: Articles & news
  • New: Subversion integration
  • New: Calendars with events, meetings and todo's
  • New: Global and team billboards
  • New: Project dashboard with live statistics and overview
  • New: Automated roadmap generation
  • New: Support for issue sub-tasks
  • New: Support for related issues
  • New: Voting

We're very happy with how The Bug Genie 2 has turned out, so try out the new features, build, extend and improve upon the functionality already in The Bug Genie 2, and see how your life as a developer will be a lot easier!